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Four Psychedelic poems by Eşref Ozan Baygin


Four Psychedelic poems by Eşref Ozan Baygin


Translated by Seda Suna Uçakan


The Bastard’s Year (II)

While reality was closer
With the effect of the first fallen word
I fell asleep, and
Then spiders kept my cave.

I waited for my slap
Accompanied by the prophets who
Do not tell a secret in their own voice
With their wise women and their placentas.

Baby bats are gnawing at my left ear,
Buzzing by the side of my left ear
A rising decibel of whispers is a divine psychosis.


The Bastard’s Year (III)

With the effect of bursting alkaloids from hidden organs
the flood that blew out suddenly
is as fast as the waves
that spread out to the beaches at
1,500 km per hour

Wishing to sit with his brainpower
on the clouds of the tramps who are
evidence of the awning’s color change
on the balcony
the moment in which buildings start to
stand at attention,

the curse booming of the poets
who laugh until they fall over,

a boundless void into which is fallen
by fake smiles that don’t own any passion
and a long trip heads to the parallel universe,

grave that destroys the phenomenon of time
by sweating in parks and on empty benches
shaking, its jaw locked,

the butterfly which flutters around the candle,
“bong roulette” in “Tesadüf”[1]
trip fans who pass out in the holiest
level of friendship and listen to the bubbling sound
at six-thirty in the morning,

the holy generation who defend
their craziness to live freely
and hide their craziness to live freely

the last deer jumping on ice

the last worm appearing from the black hole

the last unshapely melting ice
Huxley’s holy island and the secret

we should breathe the last smoke deeply
or else how do we know this holy truth?

walk guys let’s go to the sky’s womb
that’s what wise Einstein wants
smiling of stars enraged.


The last phase of sprouting seed

for Seda Suna

                                    “I think therefore I am.”
                                     I think therefore I am gone

How can bees leave their nests

                   is flowing
                                                a river
                      is dancing
                                  clinging to
                                               your hair’s curves

stars in its night. . .
waiting at the station of vicious cycle
The sea
the branch is falling in a deep crackling.

how can bees leave their nests

how the words are pale beside. . .



cold flesh which bruised of its grief
is lying down its compasses are open
its bladder is censored
disturbed head with an anvil.


[1] English: chance, coincidence, fortuity. 
(Ozan Baygın uses the expression “bong roulette” to denote a game in which one can become drunk.

About the author

Eşref Ozan Baygin was born in 1993 in İstanbul. He graduated from Marmara University in the Biomedical Department. His poems have been published in Varlık Magazine, Peyniraltı, Yazarkafa Magazine, Edebiyatist, Yeryüzü Düşleri, and Americans and Others (anthology, Italy). His first poetry book, Kibrit Yanarken Bükülür, was published by Solar Publications. His works include “LSD OR COINCIDENCE,” “PSYCHEDELIC POETRY” (Yazarkafa Magazine, no. 20), and “Beat Generation” (Yazarkafa Magazine, no. 22).

About the author

Seda Suna Uçakan was born on May 26, 1983 in Ankara/Polatlı. She graduated from Eskişehir Osmangazi University in the department of Comparative Literature. Seda is an editor for a publishing house in İstanbul. She translates novels, poems, and short stories from English and French. Her poems and other writings have been published in two international poetry anthologies and various magazines. Uçakan is the author of a book of poetry titled Pay Susuşları. Her work has been translated into English and French. She lives in İstanbul/Turkey.

Statement of Record

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