Statement of Record


Stat®rec, originally founded in 1914 by John Silas Reed, Dorothy Parker, and Max Eastman, provides permanent, perennial publication for the most relevant statements in non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and criticism. With its 2017 re-emergence on the internet, Stat®rec offers a Statement of Record to the new century.
Deemed by the New York Times “the impetuous radicalism of literary upstarts” and more recently, by Entertainment Weekly, “the snob‘s solution to the Internet’s democratizing influence on the arts,” Stat®rec is uncompromising as to its stated political and cultural agenda: total world domination for artists.
Editor-in-chief: Andrea Scrima
Contributing Editor: David Winner
Contributing Editor: Eboné M. Bishop
Contributing Editor: John Casquarelli
Contributing Editor: Phin Lambert
Associate Publisher: Jennifer Parker
Publisher: John Reed
Statement of Record

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