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Strange Bedfellows


Manuskripte and StatORec in tandem:

The publication of an excerpt from Lance Olsen’s new novel Always Crashing in the Same Car in the June 2022 issue of manuskripte—accompanied by the English original in StatORec—marks the beginning of a cooperation between the Austrian literary magazine manuskripte and the Berlin- and New York-based StatORec in which innovative literature is introduced for the first time in German or English translation respectively.

Coinciding with this issue, an excerpt from Kathrin Röggla’s play Das Wasser (Water) is appearing for the first time in English in StatORecWater is a polyphonic theater piece that presents the effects of climate change in the Anthropocene: drought, floods, and the helpless claims of politicians, environmentalists, activists. It was commissioned by the Staatsschauspiel Dresden and premiered in April 2022.

We’re interested in shedding light on less than obvious correspondences between the works of American and German-language writers. The next authors scheduled to appear in German translation in manuskripte are David Dario Winner, Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer, and Edie Meidav. Stay tuned for the continued development of this issue.

Statement of Record

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