Statement of Record

AuthorSeda Suna Uçakan

Three poems by Seda Suna Uçakan


Travelers of musk

think the silence when you are silent!
think by tearing, splitting the tissues down

now I am still I am
deprived of your eyes, turn down
with going by the fade skin
it is the mystery of word
was that frightening wall built
by raising from the base


Four Psychedelic poems by Eşref Ozan Baygin


Translated by Seda Suna Uçakan


The Bastard’s Year (II)

While reality was closer
With the effect of the first fallen word
I fell asleep, and
Then spiders kept my cave.

I waited for my slap
Accompanied by the prophets who
Do not tell a secret in their own voice
With their wise...

Statement of Record

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