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Two Boys, Their Mother & The Face



Two Boys, Their Mother & The Face



two boys are throwing stones

into  the  river—their  mother

is   beating   colored   dresses

against a small rock—there is

a    dye    in    the   stream—an

unfamiliar      face     splashes

against   the   surface   of   the

stream—the              afternoon

steam         swims         toward

God—then                  darkness

happens—then  we are  taken

into    the   room   where   the

woman     is     sitting     in     a

corner—calling  her  children,

waiting  for   their   voices,  or

their  footsteps—through   the

small  window  we  see  a man

fixing     his     roof—the    trees

that  line  Felele are palms and

baobabs          leaning          into

silence—the  wind  weaving  a

song               with               their

branches—when   the   echoes

arrive       the       woman        is

sleeping—it’s   her   innocence

to   absence,   the   opaqueness

of          rain          filling         her

dream—when      the      echoes

arrive      the        woman         is

sleeping—dreaming    of      her

boys  throwing   stones   in  the

river   where  she  was  beating

colored     cloths    against    the

rock—where      an    unfamiliar

face    is    filling    the    shallow

with thirst—

About the author

Adedayo Agarau

Adedayo is a 2023 Cave Canem Fellow, a 2022 Robert Hayden Scholarship fellow, and a recipient of the 2022 Stanley Awards for International Research at the University of Iowa. He obtained his MFA at the Iowa Writers' Workshop. His poems have been featured in Poetry Magazine, Poetry Society of America, World Literature Today, Tab Journal, Anomaly, Frontier, Iowa Review, Boulevard, and elsewhere. He is the author of the chapbooks, Origin of Names (African Poetry Book Fund) 2020, and The Arrival of Rain (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press). Adedayo is the Editor-in-Chief at Agbowó: A magazine of African literature and arts.

Statement of Record

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