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Eight poems by KETTY LAROCCA

by Ketty LaRocca

i inevitably repeat myself and i suffer
i say that i’m the reporter of myself and others with
some extra neurotic variant and that makes it okay?


by Andreas Unterweger

I never met the snake, but the wife did.
The wife saw it, not me. I know
that there are no snakes. There are no snakes,
at least not here, not in our garden—
this is what I told the wife God knows how many times.
There are no snakes around here,
I told her, just as there are no angels.

Eight Poems by Jennifer Franklin

by Jennifer Franklin

Signed an executive order that began to dismantle The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Restricted funds for global health assistance groups that provide abortions. Promised to cut funding for the NEA, NEH, and PBS, Minority Business Development Agency, Economic Development Administration, International...

Götz von Berlichingen

by Stu Watson

Nuremberg was the Silicon Valley of the Late Middle Ages
precisions toolmakers built the first pocket watches
technical apparatuses shipped all over the world
in Nuremberg even a marauder has to pay
no one talks to Götz like that
he settles his score with his iron fist
that’s Nuremberg craftsmanship for you...


translated by Andrea Scrima

Every person is his secret. If you take this away from him, his integrity is ruined. Human beings cannot live without secrets. These manifest early in the secretiveness of a child who guards his hidden “treasures,” who has his secret language and secret writing, who communicates in signs and drawings.

Patriotic American

by Stu Watson

Patriotic American stands at the dais of locomotion qualitatively better in breeding because of the standard of care to be found in the rustic yards and villages that still stand up for what was conquered in our wars for what we took what is now owned by us these plots of lands we seized arriving long ago making mandates on our own abrupt and close to perfect in deceiving...


by Stu Watson

So what is it to us who stand
secure in all our arrogance
upon an edge which time
with her sharp way
will soon erode
and breathe in with each stroke
red molecules that spit?

Three Poems about Abigail Adams

Roaslind Kaliden

Abigail should have her own statue on the stony top of Bunker Hill,4
a dozen children at her feet, a few founders, a few presidents,
a rifle at her side, and books stacked waist high.
Behind her a woman wearing a banner for The Vote,
a black man signing his name in the front of his Bible.

Three Poems by Laura Cronk

by Laura Cronk

We’ll go back
to my apartment and
open the door and the
kids’ faces will pop
with happiness. They’ll
run toward us, ram their
heads into our stomachs,
so eager to be held...

Morganatically Wed

Stu Watson

and who are we to stand
displaced in all our promise
as if the legends don’t continue
and we have not met regret?

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