Statement of Record



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Qualitatively reasoned steering terminated under vitriolic washes. Xenophones yearning Zanzibar. Armored belief can do everyone’s future good; hell is just kinder. Longshoreman may need organization, purposeful quiet restitution: sin. That’s unlike venerable wanderings; Xavier, young zealot.

A bit confusing directing evil for good, however its justification. Kudos later; mistaken now of putrid quenches; reciprocity.

Starfish, tuna, unbelievably vocal whales; xylophones yodeling! Zillions asunder breeding; constantly dissimulating exotic frolicking grampus. Here is Jonah! Knowing Leviticus might never of presented quavering restrictions. Since then, understanding verse when x-rayed yields zero. Another beautifully christened diatribe effortlessly flung gently. His ignorance jealously killing lighter men now, of pride.

Quadrilateral restitutions simply targeted un-ulcerated veering. Welcome Xenophon; yonder Zanzibar.

Originally Published April 6, 2014

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Statement of Record