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Three poems by David Dephy


Three poems by David Dephy

The Lilac Shadow of a Tree


I am you and who I see is me, if anything

happens it happens in me, it happens in you,

I see the lilac shadow of a tree and it seems

to me that there may be times when you just

have to love someone, or people, or a whole

world from a distance, but distance means

nothing when your loved one means everything.X


I only want to know what’s going on between

us, dear water, the distance between us is disappearing

so fast I can’t catch the second of sorrow, dear fire,

the second of lordliness, dear earth, the second of

joy, dear air—everything is a second, but it’s

disappearing so quickly, without any trace.

We are us, I know, and you are me and I am you

and we are our sons and our daughters, we areX


our parents and oceans, we are winds and suns

and mountains, but where is time, time

is distance, you told me, I know and it’s going,

it’s disappearing now, just because of knowing, or

love? Just because of loneliness? I only want to

know how it’s possible to love you and stay alive.

Stay alive and spend time for emptiness, for living

without understanding your heartbeats, dear earth,


without understanding your calmness, dear water,

without understanding your secrets, dear fire,

without understanding your speech, dear air.

Distance means emptiness when your loved

one means the fullness of life. Yet I see the lilac

shadow of a tree, please speak to me, my author,

I am the word in silence, speak to me more

and more, and go and go, and—X


if anyone will not welcome you or listen to your

words, leave that home or town and shake the

dust off your feet…


April 9, 2019


The Sea is So Calm Now


“You are free now from all your fears,” the wave

says, playing around my feet. “And yes, now you

know why a calm sea does not make a skilled sailor.”


Every time I see the calm sea

I remember voices from my childhood,

I look for a word that was never spoken.


The sea is calm, like the face of a child after dark night’s

unrest. I love its breathing, the movement of waves, like a

mother’s breath, are so loving that in the past they


put out the alarm, the storm, the fears of childhood

and now calm some future alarm and fears and storm

off the whole world’s coast. Yes, that was the moment I found


a word that had been spoken only once, maybe, or was never

spoken at all. All these storms are in me now, that’s

why I’m calm, I am the captain of all calmness, mother.X


February 27, 2019


The Answers


Life needs testimony about love. It teaches us: either you control

your mood, or it gains power over you. And to pain you have to answer,


to fidelity you have to answer, to braveness you have to answer, and

I have all these answers—to friendship I answered with a smile


and to fidelity, to pain I answered with silence and tears, to meanness

with indignation, to loneliness with living for others, to abomination


with disgust, to braveness I answered with my full heart, and it is

and it was and it always will be my guide, my best friend, my God,


my loved one and my way and my home, my heart is my journey

across the crossroads of human faith and darkness, human faith and


calmness, across a whole universe of solitude or joy, every answer is

the price I pay for operating out of my automatic images of mind


which are telling me now: “This is life, and a man cannot prove love, a man can only experience it with his heart.”


January 15, 2019


About the author

David Dephy – Born June 21, 1968. The New York based, trilingual Georgian/American poet, novelist, essayist, performer, multimedia artist, and painter is the author of eight novels, fifteen collections of verse, and three audio albums of poetry with orchestras and electronic bands. His short story "Before The End" was chosen for The Best European Fiction, edited by Aleksandar Hemon and published in the US by Dalkey Archive Press. His first book-length work in English, a novel All the World's Mysteries, is forthcoming in fall 2019 from Mad Hat Press. He is the chosen Ambassador of Poetry by the Austrian worldwide brand Julius Meinl in Georgia. He also presented a live poetry/music event with Laurie Anderson, Yusef Komunyakaa, and Salman Rushdie at the Unterberg Poetry Center, 92nd Street Y.
Dephy's works have appeared in American literary magazines and have been anthologized in many collections of poetry and prose in the US, UK, Germany, Brazil, Ukraine, Georgia, Mexico, Portugal, and Romania. He is an active participant in the American and international poetry and artistic scenes, and the Bowery Poetry Club named him a "literature luminary."

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