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Three Gertrude Stein Inspired Poems


Three Gertrude Stein Inspired Poems


Rudy (after Gertrude Stein)

He’s senile.
He’s a scene
I’ve seen
in Aisle C.
He sees the Nile
in Aisle C.
See the scene of the Nile
Seen on the isle?
See the sea
seen in Aisle C?
The sea near this isle
isn’t the scene he sees.
but the isle he sees
isn’t seen
and what we see
is a scene I’ll see
on the isle
of the senile
where senile
starts with C.

Please Show Your Process (after Gertrude Stein)

Golden ratio
One minus square root of five divided by two
1 – sq rt. 5/2
One less derivation, primarily divided duplicates

One point…
No one one won
No no
No one won
No one won one!
One won?

Is this a product or of sci-fi?
Or a dividend of psi phi?
Nope, just phi
The phI
Die phi

One plus one divided by one plus one divided by one plus one…
I am split between myself
In addition, I got myself over myself
Getting over myself and adding myself once more

Dizzy mole

Hex a decimal

Infinity reached through the algorithm of creation

Polyhymnia (after Gertrude Stein)

Her hymn is for him
He hears her hymn, she hears him
Humming her his hymns

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Jack M. Freedman is a poet and spoken word artist from Staten Island, NY. Publications featuring his work span North America, Western Europe, and Southeast Asia. Check out some of his work at JMF Chapbooks.
photo by Kristopher Johnson

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