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Four poems by Cihan Yurdaün


Four poems by Cihan Yurdaün


Afreet Son

soars high blistering
wings stitched with wax
into liquid ache
arctic touch is the wind
the inevitable plunge to gin
induced reveries
the scorching sins
born, burnt and belied
in the hollow mind
of a-freed flight
pure sorcery is love


Dangling Hearts

When there is something very wrong
with us, it curls and curls in chirping
some horrible tune, thin and stingy
giving us pangs of goosebumps, keeping 
our wants smiling and unrevealed

then the libertine heart gives a way 
to butterflies flapping sick and slow
when the body betrays the will  
as if time were not naked and lethal 
as if souls were fledgling genitalia   

a gathering of sentimental malice
a hypocrisy the silk dress laid open
on our uneven limbs, our metamorphosis
a rug of mysticism covers the canvas
when Vincent waves his thick brush 

we’re a talking devil boy-horned-girl
beyond recognition, scandalously painted
why are you so gentle when you gaze?
our body aesthetics endure rough art
while the heat eats the color flesh-red 

shivering little demon, a slick hunger 
a hermaphrodite, construed wicked by god 
ungodly speaks: “I am as all the daughters 
of my father’s house” wet and hardened yet
alive in the fancies of dangling hearts



the dire need a blind deals
the cards lie back naked 
for shadowing a dirge
tell me if your face is a monster
when you dream alone

a pond, a silver sky
reflect what the god giveth
morose kisses and muffled
measures the god taketh me
see not, envy is thy enemy

sell the seal clothing
no more lives the three of swords
no more a changeling Daphne
brings forth your happiness
surfaces silently perplexed 

depravity so purely shines
smothered in your aspirations
the breath of a hanged man
covets your curved release 
ten times a god you belie


There’s no reason to like your body

except for the inked experience 
the etchings as scars 
the appearance of things on the flesh
like teeth marks of a lover lovingly-unkind 
biting and ripping off your taboos 
the nationalistic agenda of a fascist 
in self-loathing  
favoring one limb over the other 
dismembers and dismembers 
bright and gimmicky mouths
the meat equality lost 
while the distance is kept alive
with bloody winged smiles 
there is no reason to like your body 
mortal and meek as mine this serving coil

a tunnel of luminous lust 
wringing intertwined endlessly  
until the liquidity is gone 
when it’s so stale, spoiled in caverns
a tactile dream it becomes, rigid still
a holy presence, a hoax brilliantly-bright
the palpable orgasm you are: 
sound and round
coloring and attaching fervently to
whatever comes handy in the absence of time 
some juvenile god howls with you: 
“go fight your soul, fight your desire 
there’s no reason to like your body”

About the author

Cihan Yurdaün is a lecturer of English literature at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul. He is also a poet who likes to write in different genres and styles. His novel İlk Sabah was first published in 2008. His poetry can be found in the bimonthly magazine Kıyıda and on his website He has also written a libretto for the opera Piri Reis (2018). For the last two years, along with poetry, Cihan has been working on screenplays and projects for TV; he translated and edited the script of the series Veni Vidi in 2019 and recently sold a treatment for the show The Recusant (2020).

Statement of Record

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