Statement of Record

AuthorSevda Akyuz

Two poems by İlhan Sami Çomak


It’s for this reason

It’s for this reason I slashed my face.
By placing the resonance of a letter
in the space between us and the sun.
“Laugh!” I said to rebellion’s tired face.
“I’m reconciled with this matter, now.”
You know, like drawing a sketch and then staring,
asking, is it an apple, apricot, pear?
Saying, it’s a plum! in that tone that’s...

Night Terrors


By Sevda Akyuz

almost but not quite
sounds like an apt
description of all things I
went through
          under and above 
          in and out
          up and down
but mostly down

mossy stone
by the...

Two Poems by Nilgün Marmara


Translated by Sevda Akyuz

From the Typewritten Poems


The pain of established estrangement
Their own enemies without love or cognition
and a black phrase chained by ruthless shellfish.
A reason for a stranger?
A reason for establishment?
A reason for an established stranger...

Statement of Record

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