Statement of Record


Two Poems by Kuzey Topuz


March—I woke up to snow in my hospital bed.

April—three days have passed without any dreaming—we met.

May—I turned twenty-four and this was enough for you to be mad.

Around the Bend


By Saskia Vogel

I think about the role smell plays in memory, touch as a communication. How will it impact the baby to have only us? (For how long?) I discipline myself to stop thinking about California as a point of arrival or departure, of...


by Gary Marmorstein

During the walk from his Avenue B apartment to Second Avenue, Conlon gradually transformed himself into a blind man. He had recently gotten an app for Uber, and his habit now was to have a car pick him up at least three long avenues away, where he was less likely to run into anyone who knew him as Dennis Conlon, a piano tuner with perfectly good eyesight. He carried...

Statement of Record

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