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Secret Theme Park Discovered: White People Go There to Act Racist


The Associated Press reports the discovery, by area residents, of a secret theme park and resort that has been in operation in Western Pennsylvania for an unknown period of time.  The park, “Honkytown,” may date back to the early 1960s, although operation of the park may have largely halted, through the 90s.  The park resumed a full holiday schedule in 1997 and returned to routine operation in 2000.  No black people knew about the park or chose to report their knowledge of the park since its founding.  The park’s primary theme is a world in which white people are a master race, and black people, as well as other people of color, are subservient to them.  The park has several rides and roller coasters with period or geographical themes, such as “Back of the Bus Rodeo” (bumper cars), “Shoe Shine Roulette” (a carnival game), and “Chinaman Rail” (rollercoaster).  Actors employed to be non-Caucasian populate the park to act as second-class citizens.  “It’s a relief, you know?” said one park goer, who insists he is not racist.  Other clients of the park express varying degrees of racial tolerance, and for the most part, choose to remain unnamed.  Hank Waterson, however, of Storp, Illinois, explained that his biannual two-week stays at the park were therapeutic, noting, “It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like it.  It’s the Dixieland of Disneyland.”

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Anton Leroi is currently a PHD student at Columbia University.

Statement of Record

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