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Love’s Garden

By Alexandra Bowie

One day she started talking about reincarnation. That was interesting, because most people in our town went to one of the big evangelical churches whose parking lots took up almost as much space as the farms they’d replaced, and I figured Mary did too...

The Inner Strength of Joan Didion

By Jennifer Parker

“My only advantage as a reporter is that I am so physically small, so temperamentally unobtrusive, and so neurotically inarticulate that people tend to forget that my presence runs counter to their best interests. And it always does.”

CBS Announces New Season of Survivor

Phineas Lambert

After thirty-nine days, one glorious legislator will accomplish the ultimate goal of survival** and be crowned Speaker of The House by President Donald J. Trump, earning the deserved title of Survivor: Red, White & Bruised...


By Susan Buttenwieser

The woman in the toy store said the kite would be easy to fly. Sonny has his daughter hold the string while he tries to get it airborne. But the kite is flimsy and the wind ripping off the water batters it onto the sand. He tosses it again and again, and each time, it torpedoes straight down...

Saint Orwell and the DT

The Editorial Board


Orwell’s early death engendered myriad mysteries, the most enduring of which is Orwell’s list.  He turned over a list of names to the IRD.  The list red-flagged communists, who were for the most part people Orwell didn't like personally, for reasons that were couched in not-endearing xenophobic language...

Deep in the Heart of Chelsea

By Jennifer Parker

Whether Susanne Bartsch was anointed or appointed “Queen of the Night” and patron saint of LGBTQ advocacy and inclusion is no less important than her ability to throw a rockus party where the only criteria for entry is making the effort to be fabulous.

To Kneel or Not to Kneel: That is the Wrong Question/Eboné Bishop

Eboné Bishop

The time to take a knee was last year, with and in support of Kaepernick.  But most Black NFL players refused, even though their lives and the lives of their families are at stake.  That players fear they will end up unemployed like Kaepernick is obvious.  Only now, after Trump has called kneelers SOB’s and continues to demand their termination, have these athletes been...


By Kate Belew

Greta Garbo

I used to be like Greta Garbo and now I’m not.

Lost my flair for acting and I got hooked off

stage. When Greta talks and she says "Gimme a whiskey,


By Filip Noterdaeme

In 1907, Alice Babette Toklas met Gertrude Stein in Paris. They fell in love and Alice became Gertrude's indispensible companion, secretary, housekeeper, editor, gardener, and cook (for all we know, a darn good one). Three years later, Gertrude wrote her first literary portrait, Ada, in which she described in her unmistakable style how she felt about Alice: "Trembling...


By Jon Curley

The narrator of Michael Kimball's fifth novel seeks to recount and commemorate his deceased father, the eponymous Big Ray, whose massive girth is only surpassed by the legacy of disquiet he bequeaths to his son...


By Joseph Riippi

The captivating story of an infant's tragic death and a mother's despair is told through dactylic fragments in A Cloth House. In this haunting, melancholy novella, Joseph Riippi, eloquently weaves this calamitous story together with a nostalgic, honest voice of an adult and the remembrance of her life at her beach front homes...

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