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Götz von Berlichingen

by Stu Watson

Nuremberg was the Silicon Valley of the Late Middle Ages
precisions toolmakers built the first pocket watches
technical apparatuses shipped all over the world
in Nuremberg even a marauder has to pay
no one talks to Götz like that
he settles his score with his iron fist
that’s Nuremberg craftsmanship for you...


by Gary Marmorstein

During the walk from his Avenue B apartment to Second Avenue, Conlon gradually transformed himself into a blind man. He had recently gotten an app for Uber, and his habit now was to have a car pick him up at least three long avenues away, where he was less likely to run into anyone who knew him as Dennis Conlon, a piano tuner with perfectly good eyesight. He carried...


Gary Marmorstein

When his phone chirped, Barney Mellina was safety-harnessed to a girder high above the new Tappan Zee Bridge. “Wilma’s calling!” shouted one of his co-workers. “Nah, it’s the doc,” said another. It was, in fact, the doc, Barney’s former girlfriend, Hannah Leland. She told him she had just been fired by the cosmetics tycoon Rick Schoenberger, whose personal physician...

NSA Memo: Social Media Censors Intelligence

by Anton Leroi

This morning, ANONYMOUS released several memos and emails reported to have originated with the National Security Administration.  The memos refer to a "title O1," which is described by the ANONYMOUS statement as a series of algorithmic instructions directed at major search engines and social media networks.<span class="Apple...

Dog of War

Alcy Leyva

In 2015, Allie Carter, 25, while out hunting waterfowl, was shot at point-blank range by a 12-gauge shotgun. Allie was rushed to a nearby hospital where, thanks to quick first responders and the medical attention she received, was able to avoid a fatal end to this story. Shootings have steadily grown more and more common in this country and have been the basis for much debate...

Behind Every Great Man Is a Lucky Lady, which is Great!


Great men are great. But what about their wives, and their mistresses? And all the little women along the way? The greatest act of scholarship in the great field of great greats and affiliated women is Charles F. Horne's great work, Great Men and Famous Women, a nineteenth-century compendium of the most prominent personages in the history of Man. But recent years have also seen great...


translated by Andrea Scrima

Every person is his secret. If you take this away from him, his integrity is ruined. Human beings cannot live without secrets. These manifest early in the secretiveness of a child who guards his hidden “treasures,” who has his secret language and secret writing, who communicates in signs and drawings.

House of Orleans

by Robert E. Tanner

I threw out the magazines under the stairs, the decade-old cans of beans, countless things my dad should’ve thrown out long ago. I should have thrown them out when I’d inherited the place, but I had also inherited his laziness, his facility for doing whatever was most desirable at the moment and hoping that conditions would somehow change before it became absolutely...

Patriotic American

by Stu Watson

Patriotic American stands at the dais of locomotion qualitatively better in breeding because of the standard of care to be found in the rustic yards and villages that still stand up for what was conquered in our wars for what we took what is now owned by us these plots of lands we seized arriving long ago making mandates on our own abrupt and close to perfect in deceiving...


by Stu Watson

So what is it to us who stand
secure in all our arrogance
upon an edge which time
with her sharp way
will soon erode
and breathe in with each stroke
red molecules that spit?

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