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Major Modeling Agency Subsumes Major Literary Agency


CAA has announced the merging of its modeling and literary divisions.  CAA Agent Harmon Willipincus explained the press release announcement at an open discussion this afternoon: “aging models need something to do, and many of them want to be writers, and being a writer is a relatively low bar.”  Willipincus further discussed a propensity for writers to be attractive people.  “You don’t have to be beautiful to write a book.  But it helps.”  CAA is planning to look at any authors it currently represents as potential models, “Mostly for catalogue work.”  Many current clients of the agency, however, will be asked to move on.  “You have to be multifaceted,” Willipincus clarified, “and we’re creating more jobs for ghostwriters.”  Adam Yard, a CAA model making the transition to CAA writer, also spoke at the briefing, addressing the general disposition of models as opposed to some writers: “Writers are freaky and depressing, but attractive people have attractive outlooks and can write things that people want to read.  There isn’t a market for all this creepy, confusing stuff that writers do.”  Willipincus, in a final note. outlined the necessity for developing career paths for models after their prime modeling years: “something that doesn’t require much education.  As an agency, we have a responsibility to stand by our people.”  CAA has already initiated a first phase of “efficiency restructuring.”  Other large agencies may be following suit.

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Statement of Record

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