Statement of Record

AuthorStu Watson

Götz von Berlichingen

by Stu Watson

Nuremberg was the Silicon Valley of the Late Middle Ages
precisions toolmakers built the first pocket watches
technical apparatuses shipped all over the world
in Nuremberg even a marauder has to pay
no one talks to Götz like that
he settles his score with his iron fist
that’s Nuremberg craftsmanship for you...

Patriotic American

by Stu Watson

Patriotic American stands at the dais of locomotion qualitatively better in breeding because of the standard of care to be found in the rustic yards and villages that still stand up for what was conquered in our wars for what we took what is now owned by us these plots of lands we seized arriving long ago making mandates on our own abrupt and close to perfect in deceiving...


by Stu Watson

So what is it to us who stand
secure in all our arrogance
upon an edge which time
with her sharp way
will soon erode
and breathe in with each stroke
red molecules that spit?

Morganatically Wed

Stu Watson

and who are we to stand
displaced in all our promise
as if the legends don’t continue
and we have not met regret?

Statement of Record